This is were it all starts


In the beginning

If you decide you are looking for a website ether new or a redesign you contact me via the form telling be briefly what you are looking for, I reply back to you then we ether talk on Skype or over the phone


When we get to know each other

If you decide that I am the web guy to do your site we will talk about what you are thinking about doing possible colours layout you may require your target audience etc.


Initial Stages

I will send you an email outlining our conversation I will draw you up a contract on agreement of the contract, you sign and return to me keeping one copy yourself at this point I will ask for a deposit of £25.00 this is non-returnable but will be deducted from your final payment.

Here we go!!


Web site Hosting Domain names

Website hosting features include the following:


The bits of paper are now done!

If you have a two page site you get three changes so you really need to decide what you are going to do, if it is a five or more page site then you will get up to five changes. I like to do everything from scratch I do try not to use templates if at all possible so you get a bespoke website I will code everything in the back ground.

I would ask you for text for your website and for you to supply me with images and again here it is your responsibility that the images are free from copyright if I do have to purchase images/licences I would not do so until I have your approval that will be an extra charge but it is peanuts.



I will list you in all major search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo and many more I will list you in Google places for business. I will not make empty claims to have you listed in 24 hours but some cases I can get you there on first page in three days some sites it can take a few days longer.

You will get full analytics there is a small charge because of time and effort nothing is free in this life *smile although saying that your Initial list is FREE the forms are held on a secure server for which I rent so the charge for the form and SEO reporting would be £25.00 a month.