Some of my work

What we are about!

Ok so you want to know about fleeting Arrow website designs it all started out as a hobby then I was made redundant. People were asking if I could do a website for them so I took a four year course in web design and development that was ten years ago.

How did I come by fleeting arrow website design that was after a trip to the USA was where I visited Indian reservations and did a spirit walk and was given the name Fleeting Arrow.

It is only me here I do the coding design and some of the graphic work so if I do your site it is only me you talk to I am honest and out spoken I will not sell anything you do not want or need if I don’t think it will work I will say just that, I works very well with my other clients also when your site is finished it is always an on-going process I check it once a month to make sure things are working ok and if Google move the goal post I move your changing keywords re-entry into search engines so you stay at least on first page .

what we are about

A snap shot of my work

Corinthian church

This is about the only site here that is not responsive the brief here was to have a clear and easy navigation aimed at the mature visitor but appealing to the younger visitor also

Tadley removals

The brief here was to get it appealing to residence living in Tadley and surrounding towns the client wanted it just for this locality

guldford a2b
House-office clearance Guildford

The Brief: a site aimed at the office and house clearance to specifically cater for clientele of Guildford, This removal company has a main site A2Bmoves also offer a probate service also designed by myself.

Apache akbi
Apache AKBI

The brief: just do it.. Facility contactors Ltd is the trading name of Apache AKBI this is a kitchen-bathroom design and installation company this site has image slider in the main header plus gallery page with image sliders and music

Our Process



The main task would be to do a rough layout of the website were images would be text layout then do the html code navigation page placements then on to putting together a rough frame work for the style sheet like paragraph and text sizes image placements media query’s



All this then is put into a web editor so I can see then how it will look as of the moment it is just numbers. I will place onto the page header tags, paragraph tags, were images will be, the navigation for the site put in the different page like services, contact us then slowly things take shape



We move on after some changes and everybody is happy to I make copies of the code and layout this I will keep to make modifications later if needed. Now all the code is compressed (minimalized) after all we want to get the fastest loading speed we can



The launch day is approaching I will install on to my server to test to make sure all things are working as they should this is the final step you will see how it looks if anything needs to be moved, colours changed as this is first time of you seeing the site in real time you have two more changes



When we are all happy I am the hardest to please out of the whole group *smile I put your details into Google I load onto your server you go live. Does not stop there after a few days I will start to put you in other directory’s local index pages



You now have a good looking site website, engaging your visitors with your own unique branding, to keep them coming back for more. To really impress clients, complete your identity with a stationery pack of business cards, letterheads, invoices and compliment slips, flyers and brochures also available at highly competitive prices and a quality second to none. For this engage the professional skills of Fran Davies Design.